i be acting like i'm drunk.

5 January 2011

hair colour is always a weird thing for me. I love having different coloured weave, whatever colour I have my hair I always enjoy having that colour, that is until I look at old pictures and think "oh, I wish my hair was red/brown/blue/purple" etc. I can't be the only one that does this right? Before summer of 2010 my hair had never been black (it was infact ginger before then, not intended though), I decided I wanted a stage were I was "normal" so I got black hair and I loved it and I still do, it's just everytime I see my hair in old pictures I suddenly want it all back again. Black is a colour that suits me though, it suits my complexion as well and I can wear pratically anything.

Above is a picture of my red and black hair. Also a little bit of an outfit you can see. I don't know if anyone really knows much about me but I do like to go out and get drunk and I'm drunk in this photo, I'm hiding my face for other reasons though. Drinking not my favourite thing in the world, so I don't do it all the time, I know I'm at uni and that's what students are meant to do but if I'm honest being drunk isn't all that much fun. So that's something about me.

Another thing about me is I'm meant to be asleep right now! Alas I am too obessed with criminal minds and as I've been revising all day now is the only time I've had to watch it. I'm rising early tomorrow as I have a Tesco delivery coming, it's saddens me that this is the one thing taking my sleep away from me. It shall bring me food nevertheless and then I'll have a wonderful day at the library....I'll get more interesting after the 20th.


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  1. Ahhh I kind of understand. I stopped dyeing my hair a few years ago (it used to be brown/red before then) and I'm quite happy with my natural colour now.

    Also I hate drunken pictures haha. I go really red whenever I've had just one drink, it's embarrassing. So I don't drink/get drunk all that much! But er...sometimes you kind of have to have a few haha.


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