L'artigiano at Rho Fiera

14 December 2011

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to L'artigiano, just a bit outside of Milano. My flatmate recommended that we go, after excitedly showing me all the meat he had brought from there. He said it wasn't just food there was clothes and other items. My boyfriend and I figured it would be a good idea and something to look around - little did we know we would basically end up getting Christmas gifts from people!

L'artigiano is basically a huge fair with the focus on clothes, food and other stuff (lol no idea what to call it), and was held in an exhibition centre. If you've ever been to Earls Court you'll get the idea of how big it is. It was four huge exhibition rooms, the focus was mainly on Italy, so it was split into different parts like Sicily, Lombardy etc. Then there was Europe attached to it. Italy and Europe took up three rooms and the last was the continents of Africa, Asia and South America. That's the one we visited first and we actually just fell in love and that's were all our gifts were from. 

We bought loads there, ate Tibetan food and then lost all out energy but still went round to Italy and Europe, they weren't as exciting but certainly offered loads of food tasting!!

I have pictures anyway, well half, haven't finished editing the rest with exams going on!! This is the 'countries of the world' which is basically Africa, Asia & South America.

More pictures to come soon. I have two phone interviews tomorrow - strangely I'm quite excited about them as opposed to nervous!! 

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