Nail Rock

20 April 2012

Continuing my nail obession, I came across this website
Nail Rock
and I'm in love with all the different prints they have! I decided to make two purchases today! My birthday is looming and I'm not sure any one knows me well enough to get me gifts I'll absolutely adore, so I've taken it upon myself to spoil myself :)

I haven't actually tried these stick on nail things, but I do have some that I bought from Penneys (Primark in England, but I purchased them there) and I plan to try them this weekend! Fingers crossed they go well as my boyfriends sister had them and they looked fabulous. And I'm looking forward to trying these ones out because they look absolutely gorgeous. 

 I also got my self some design eyeliner prints. They look lovely and will be great for a night or just wanting to look fabulous! Plus I'm really lazy when it comes to liquid eyeliner, unless I have plenty of time to do it I don't usually bother! 

They have a more exciting one for those of you that are a pro at doing your eye liner and what something more exciting. They also have lip designs, eye tattoo designs and of course loads and loads of nail designs. 

I highly recommend you check them out and I will certainly let you know how the products turn out when I use them!
You also get 10% off your first purchase! They were lovely enough to give me this off, even though I'd already purchased and not put in the code! 

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