Birthday at Shaka Zulu

20 May 2012

So I've been really lazy, but I've also had quite a bit to deal with, but but but I have snaps from my birthday celebration. I went to Shaka Zulu which is a club in Camden, it was absolutely gorgeous and I had a lovely time. I drank quite a bit and don't remember much and got a bit out of control, but that's all in the past (albeit a 2week past) and well, you only turn 21 once! 

My friends are so lovely for coming!
I decided to wear the dress I got from River Island last minute and picked up the shoes from New Look on the day too. I absolutely adore the shoes now!

 I wish I had the time to snap up pictures of my new buys, but no good place to take them and too little time, but I will try :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday :) 

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