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9 August 2012

I know, I know. Neglect :(
But moooooooving on very quickly, my nails have grown! I don't know if it's the mental power of not biting my nails or the Sally Hansen nail growth, but my nails have grown and they are not breaking. So result! And as promised to myself, if they grew then I could invest in OPI/Essie/whatever-brand-wants-to-place-a-high-price-tag-on-their-nail-varnish.

 Lately I've found my self obsessed with The Sunday Girl and I read a lot of her reviews, even for products I just wouldn't use. Anyway she did place a link for an Ebay seller that had a huge range of nail varnishes and they are cheaper (some not so much but still a saving). It's an American seller and well here you go, go visit for yourself and fall in love with nail varnishes and the price! Even with postage it's cheaper than buying a whole bottle here. Postage is also you will get combined postage if you buy more than one. Anyway, I cannot wait for mine to arrive, but I'll show you what I got! 
Essie - Set in Stone - £4.46 (not including postage)

China Glaze - Under the Boardwalk - £2.87 (not including postage)

OPI - Miami Beet - £3.99 (not including postage)

 So yay, I'm excited for these to come. I shall expect Essie Set in Stone to be an absolute bitch to get off, but I think I might just fall in love with it. But we won't know until it comes.


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