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4 December 2013

I have been so MIA it's terrible. But I just have not found the inspiration or the will to post. See I've put on weight in the past year and a half and quite honestly I just feel gross! So I wonder around in baggy clothing and leggings. And now that I only go to work (I wear a uniform) or round to my best friends house to moan about life (leggings and a top), I don't actually need to wear actual clothes right? Right. Okay that's a lie - I volunteer, a lot, but even then I'm a volunteer I don't actually need to look good! 

This is an outfit  from maybe two weeks ago? Not the best quality of photos - sorry! I picked up the boots from Primark for all of £18! I love wondering around in them, they are comfortable and I got a size up for my insole - double comfort. 

Whilst I haven't been blogging I have been reading blogs and getting very much into YouTube and make-up. Which has just left me ridiculously poor because I buy everything I see! I got myself the Real Techniques Core Collection and fell in love with the buffing brush - it is my holy grail now. I threw out all my old make-up brushes and have not looked back. Talking of YouTube influences, I just got my Muji Acrylic draws in the post, who would have thought I would ever own enough make to even put in there! Although I'll probably just jam all the other crap on my table in there. I also purchased Sleek's 'Smother' the other day, this I actually saw when I was shopping with my sister. 

Isn't the colour gorgeous?! I feel like it's perfect A/W (see YouTube has it's influences, I even know trends). So anyway back to YouTube - I will have to do a post with all my favourite beauty/fashion YouTubers! I now have a huge beauty wishlist! 

I'm also waiting on my New Look order, they had 20% off the other day and I got excited. I also ordered a pair of jeans because I am in desperate need of some. I LOVE Topshop's Joni jeans, the fabric is great and they don't feel like jeans - even better! But they tear easily - I have gone through 2 in about 5 months! For someone that doesn't wear jeans all the time I cannot be repurchasing something I know wears quite easily, especially now that I don't have my student discount! So I thought I would see what New Look had to offer me. Has anyone got jeans from there? 

I think that's all for my update/ramble! Orange is the new black has just finished downloading so I am going to busy for next couple of hours! 


  1. I love Beauty you tubers - there was a time when I was hopelessly addicted too and bought everything but I've since stopped being so crazy (but I now have a hoard of eye shadows and blushers that I don't use very much haha). I have the Muji drawers too - some for my daily make up but I mainly use them to keep my jewellery in!

    1. hahah I may have become a little too addicted!! And yes those Muji draws have made my desk a lot tidier - love them!


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