Coconut Oil - How to (or a little bit of an ode to you)

21 April 2014

You would have to be living underneath a rock if you haven’t noticed the new obsession with coconut oil. It is everywhere and the uses seem to be endless. 

 Not going to lie I thought it was good for hair and that is why I bought it but over the past month I have seen posts about coconut oil that have made me go “really?!”. So here is my little find on the many uses of coconut oil. 

 1. Hair – As I mentioned before I bought coconut oil for my hair. Since decided I want longish and healthy hair I’ve done my research into my hair type and things to keep it growing and coconut oil is one of the staples I need. It’s suitable for all hair types, not just my coily kinky hair :( I purchased this one just because it was highly recommended for hair and other uses (cooking). 

2. Frying – You can fry with coconut oil. I’m sure you already knew this but I had to throw it in here. I am yet to try frying with coconut oil only because since I’ve purchased mine I haven’t actually fried anything! 3. Body moisturiser – I once did a post about my foot care routine (yes really) and it featured coconut oil because it’s bloody amazing. It sinks into the skin and smells amazing! I also use my Nature’s Way oil as a moisturiser every now and then, I do it mainly for the smell, as I have other things I used to cream my body, but I love how soft it leaves my skin feeling. 

4. Lip care – This one should be a no brainer! Swap your Vaseline (or whatever you use) for some coconut oil (or mix it together) and you will have smoother lips. I’ve tried this - I vouch for it! 

5. Oil Pulling – Now this is a new one. If you’re like me you would have seen the word ‘pulling’ and thought ‘what torture does this involve?!’ But no it involves no such medieval instrument! Oil pulling is simply swishing a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 20minutes. Why? Simply to get rid of toxins in your mouth, the oil helps to ‘pull’ the dirt from your mouth. Semplice. I read about this on FashionLush’s blog, so go read here and here for more details because she explains it much better than me! I have tried this and the first time I did manage 20minutes, all the other times? Nah. I am also really inconsistent with it, so I can’t give any feedback just yet! 

6. Deodorant – Yes. Yes, you read correctly. I cannot say I have tried this because, simply put, I like the idea of deodorant okay! Anna from VDM had a brief snippet about it and I was like really? This coconut oil thing has gone way out there. That’s what inspired me to share the coconut oil love with you all. But hey can’t knock it if it works right? 

7. Bites, cuts & bruises – Of course there is a lot of science regarding the benefits of coconut oil, but to keep it short and sweet – it can fight off bacteria and acts as a nice healer. So when you find yourself with any of those nasties above you can reach for this natural remedy. Too bad it can't cure my ankle after a Saturday night injury eh? 

So there you have 7 uses from one product! I’m sure there are tons more that I haven’t come across but 7 for now is good, infact it’s great! Before I leave you, visit here for some more facts about coconut oil, I find it so interesting but I’m also sceptical. But hey I’m not eating it and it is natural so I figure they can’t tell it causes x, y, z diseases in the future right?!

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