Rimmel Eyeliners & Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Berry

6 June 2015

Along with my skincare purchases from Feel Unique, I also picked up a couple of make-up bits. So I thought I’d show you them and tell you what I thought.

Now that we’re in that spring/summer season I wanted to change up my eyeliner game. It's summer and I just wanted to gravitate towards colour more. I always use black eyeliner in my waterline and after seeing Lily’s make-up menu with blue eyeliner I really wanted to just try something different. Also after seeing that I also saw my friend wear purple eyeliner and I thought “yeah, I’m gonna pick myself up some different coloured eyeliner.” It was also coincidental that a week after wearing the products, I read a piece in the Stylist magazine about being a bit more daring with your make-up and using different coloured eyeliners!

So whilst buying my skincare I spotted an offer from Rimmel on eyeliners. My favourite eyeliner that I use daily from Rimmel, so I thought I would stick with the same brand. So I ended up buying as the offer was 3 for 2. Although they are all from Rimmel they are from different lines within the brand.

The first one is this green eyeliner. In the swatch it shows up quite vividly but when I put it in my waterline it isn’t so vivid on me. Obviously on lighter skin tones this would show up a lot more. On myself it is noticeable but it’s not as bright as I wanted it to be. I also think that it fades away far too easily, I was a bit surprised considering my black one doesn’t budge all day. This has creamy formula though and glides on to my waterline smoothly. I do wish it had a bit more punch to the colour but I do love using this to switch up my make-up look. Out of the three I purchased, this is my least favourite just because it doesn't show up so well on me.

I find that this blue one just doesn’t pack enough punch for me. It does have a really good formula as it glides on easily and doesn’t tug at my skin but I really have to apply and apply to get it near the colour I want. I think perhaps for my skin it isn’t the right shade of blue, but it definitely is easy to work with.  I have the same complaint as the rest; the pigmentation just isn’t great enough to produce the same colour that is in product, on my waterline.

This is my favourite one to use as I think the purple really suits me and when I use it, I feel like my whole make-up application just looks softer when I wear this. I think this is the one colour I’m going to purchase from another brand; I’d like something that has a bit more vibrancy to it so that it can really stand out when I wear it. But for work this is actually perfect, it’s soft and gentle enough to wear to work but still look a bit bold and daring.

I’ve been wanting a cream blush for aaaaaages so I looked around briefly for something within my budget and decided to get this. Oh man I wish I had not. This has shimmer in it which I did not know, so I was not happy about that. But I’ve tried this on my skin with foundation on and without and I find it really hard to get a colour payoff unless I’m applying loads. Quite frankly I do not want to be applying loads of this product on my face, it just feels like way too much. It’s very sheer which I guess can be great for some skin tones, but on darker skin tones like mine it just does not sit well. I also had that it has shimmer, so yeah not a product I will be using any time soon.

So that is my mini make-up haul. I’m really glad I tried these different coloured eyeliners and I’ll definitely be going in store to try some higher end brands to find some with a high colour pay off. Are they are brands that you would recommend?

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  1. I like the Rimmel pencils. These colours are just so cool for the summer. Lovely review!

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  2. Thank you! I like rocking them, I'm certainly going to look for some more colours. Thanks for your comment x


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