The Incomplete Agenda - Review

16 July 2015

Back in January I posted The Incomplete Agenda, which includes six goals I set myself for the next six months. After six months I said I'd review them to see how I got on, I haven't looked at these in  a while although I've remembered them all, so it'll be interesting to see what I wrote and how far I've come in terms of progression for the goals.

These were the goals that I set myself:
1. Talk kindly to myself
 2. Put make-up on at least 2 times a week
3. Exercise in the morning at least once a week
4. Turn my laptop off at 10pm every day
 5. See a dermatologist and get a skin treatment
6. Save 12% of my income every month

THE GOAL -  Talk kindly to myself 
The update – I have made great progress with this and as a result I have seen a lot of good things happen to me. I know there’s a lot of things out there on positive thinking and in most situations it can help, but I’ve found even if I’m not being all upbeat and positive I can still be nice to myself. I think one of the moments that stick out in my mind is when I was applying for my new role, I was asked to do two tasks in a short amount of time and I really felt the pressure. Instead of being hard on myself about feeling so overwhelmed, I basically coaxed myself into a state where it was okay and that I was perfectly able to deal with this. There have been other times as well when I’ve felt overwhelmed by situations, or just had really down days where I haven’t berated myself. Instead I’ve talked to myself like a friend would and settled down with a good TV show.
Going forward - I'll continue to do this because if I'm honest it's been one of the best things I've done to aid my recovery. Putting myself first and just talking to myself as a friend has helped me make some good decisions for myself.

THE GOAL - Put make-up on at least 2 times a week 
The update – This was going well but I have been slack lately. I have enjoyed it; however, I haven’t actually been getting up early to do my make-up. More like waking up at the same already late time that I do and decided that I want to wear make-up. Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed applying it and feeling confident in my appearance when I do.
Going forward  - I love wearing make-up but most of the time I really am not bothered because I prefer sleep over it. On the weekends I’m fine with applying it. I think this goal was good for me and will definitely help me going forward for the new job; I definitely want to be feeling confident in my appearance for the first couple of weeks. This also helped me to just get to grips with what make-up bits I use and what I need/want.

THE GOAL - Exercise in the morning at least once a week 
The update – Yeah fail. I just did not manage to do this more than 10 times. I know in 6 months that’s pretty terrible. Every time I planned to, as in you know when I decided I’m going to bed early, I’d be up until like 1 am. I just hate going through a day without any sleep, and waking up in the morning is super hard for me.
Going forward -  I will try and work at this more because I often don’t exercise in the evenings because I’m out or tired. But yup this is still a work in progress but something I definitely want to make a habit.

THE GOAL -Turn my laptop off at 10pm everyday 
The update – I have been so good with this, I can only think of a handful of times when this hasn’t happened. I was quite strict on myself with this and I liked doing this, it gives me a 1-2hour window of doing something else. Some nights I don’t even turn my laptop on because I get in late or I just have other things to do. For the past two months my laptop has been playing up, so I really haven’t even up for the battle of keeping it on past 10pm anyway.
Going forward  - I'll definitely be sticking with this as it's great to just switch off. Even though I still have my tablet or phone, I don't do have as much aimless browsing as I do when I'm on my laptop. Instead it gives me time to read.

THE GOAL - See a dermatologist and get a skin treatment 
The update – This did not happen. I just kept forgetting about it and when I did remember I just lacked the funds. I did however look into it, so at least I know where I’m going to get the treatment done
Going forward  - I will certainly get this done within the year, so I'm not too worried about it.

THE GOAL - Save 12% of my income every month 
The update – Yeahh I did this for 2 out of 6 months. The rest I probably saved odd bits and other months I made it by with the skin of my teeth, or by borrowing. I did manage to save a good amount but I know I can do better
Going forward  - With the new job I’m definitely going to be saving a little bit harder, I know it’ll be easier as I’ll be earning more. However if I did keep it at the same amount I’d still be making it a challenge for myself.

So that’s it – my review of my 6 goals for the past 6 months. Did you set yourself any New Year resolutions? Now may be a good time to review them and see if they need tweaking. In the mean time keep an eye out for the next 6 goals I’m going to set myself. I’ve been having a real think over the past month and I think I’ve finally settled on them.

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