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31 March 2016

I have been wanting to get this post out forever, but my laptop was just NOT co-operating. I had already written the post, but could not for the life of me upload my photos, but finally it's here and just in time for the end of March!

I have been shopping so much this month and I don't even know why. Considering I finished my job at the end of Feb, and didn't get a new one until literally just the beginning of March (hurrah for me), I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to spend money. I think I was just feeling the freedom too much, nevertheless I managed to pick up some make-up items, clothes and jewellery. Some bits are repurchases (like my beloved Smashbox Halo foundation) so I haven't included them because they are new y'know?

First up are these earrings from Primark. I have a handful of earrings that I wear on rotation and occasionally I'll switch them up and it was just about that time. I'm loving these swing earrings at the moment, I purchased one from ASOS back in December and decided it was time for more. I also picked up these Disney ones for the second holes in my ear. I also picked up a few clothing items from Primark, but I find taking photos of clothing an absolute pain and I never seem to do the clothes justice, so I didn't bother. One day I shall resurrect my YouTube channel and do hauls...

NARS Radiant Cream Concealer in the shade Amande -  6ml - £22.50 - I've heard so much about this product but honestly, concealer is one of the very few make-up bits that I'm not bothered about. Plus having to go and get shade matched always meant I was never in a hurry to purchase it. I was in Canary Wharf's Space NK after an interview and decided "fuck it" and got matched to a colour and bought it. I'm still figuring out how to apply it best, but it is such a lovely product. I have to be careful to not be too overzealous with my application because I don't want to be looking like a ghost.

My next purchases are from Amazon, I bought one skincare item that needed replacing and the rest just fell into my basket...

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo - 235ml - £8.50 - I've heard loads about the Giovanni shampoos and conditioners for natural hair, but when I stumbled across this after watching a YouTube vid, I knew I had to have it. My scalp is always in need of soothing, it's actually my main gripe with my hair - my scalp always gets so itchy and sore. So I'm hoping this will help to ease the situation.

Denman D6 Shampoo/Shower Brush - £2.75 - I got this because it looks FAB and because I have no nails of my own to scratch my scalp. Honestly I was considering using my diffuser part for my blowdryer instead of buying this, but considering that's broken I thought I'd roll with this. It seems like a lazy woman's tool, but hey ho that means it's perfect for me.

Staedtler 185  Colouring Pencils, Exclusive Johanna Basford Edition - £6.40 (but I got them for £2.83) -  So this a bit of a random one eh? But like half of the world I have those adult colouring books and because I colour at the pace of a walking snail, it's taken me a while to discover that the whole book is not just about colouring in - I can draw patterns and shit too. Anyway the reason I need the colouring pencils are because I only had felt tips and they're too thick. And because they're the special edition (the colouring book I have is also by Johanna as well) somehow I got them at a better price.

My final purchases come from Feel Unique.
Kneipp Valerian & Hops Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt 500g and Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Mineral Bath Salt 500g - £8.95 - I blame my sister for the purchases on FU because she wanted bath salts and wanted me to find her them because apparently "you're the one that uses all that fancy stuff." I'm not sure where she gets this idea for, as I'm so poor but anyway. I don't really use bath salts tbh, I do looove a good bubble bar from Lush. Anyway, I came across a range of salts, but this brand fell within my budget and it had great reviews. I got her the joint and muscle one is for her as she preggers. The sleep one is for me because, I bloody need a good night's sleep (little update here - I've tried these since writing this post and I actually really enjoy it. Can't say I'm convinced on the good nights sleep but it is a very relaxing ritual to partake in).

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator  in Gleam - 18ml - £7.00 - I really wanted to try a liquid highlighter as so far my experiments with powder highlighters haven't been so great. I know NYX is an affordable brand and I like the few products I have from them, so I thought I'd bite the bullet and try this out. I wasn't sure what shade would suit me best, so fingers crossed this one is okay!

What new things have you purchased this month?

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