9 awesome phone cases

6 December 2016

Although I’ve searched for phone cases during the year, I thought with it being gift giving season I would share some of the beautiful and cool (i.e Harry Potter related) phone cases I have found. I think phone cases are a really nice way to show your style or personality and sometimes they can just be so refreshing and inspiring to look at. Mine currently is a PU leather case with a dream catcher, it has such lovely calming colours on it and really just makes me smile when I look at it. I have a Samsung S6 Edge, so it was one of the things I had in mind when I went hunting for phone cases, as a result all of the cases are available for iPhones and some Samsung phones!

(Going from L-R)
  1. The Muggle Struggle is Real - This one has to be my favourite. I love to say “the struggle is real” but I think it’s about time I started saying this. Although it will just be lost on everyone who isn’t a Harry Potter fan. 
  2. Always - I really like how simple this one is, the writing looks like something that could actually be a tattoo. I think the case is a lovely reference to HP without being so obvious, you’d only know if you know, you know?
  3. Harry Potter Map Quote - This case is also highly contested to be my favourite, the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter is one of my favourite magic items and I love this nod to it. The colours of the case are also really lovely too. 
  4. White Chandelier - I think this case is really dainty and lovely, I think if you’re looking for something that will suit most people this is the case. I feel like most girls would like this because the design is simple but also chic. 
  5. More Issues than Vogue - I just love the statement on it and I’m sure most girls can relate to this. The case has lovely colours and patterns running through it and is quite trendy in my opinion. 
  6. White Marble Initial - Although I’m not the biggest fan of marble, I really love that engraving on this and I LOVE having personalised things. I think this is the perfect gift for any girl, as the contrast between the marble and the bold engraving just screams chic and it’s a real statement piece but also quite subtle 
  7. Harry Potter - I just had to throw in another HP case there, this one is just simple but I think it’s great for HP lovers. I think must like no.2 it has a really lovely simple touch to it 
  8. White Marble Mandala - The intricate design on this is what drew me to it, the black really stands out against the white and emphasises the detail in the mandala. It’s an inoffensive and simple case that I feel would suit most girls 
  9. Wildflower Quote - The final one is more girly but I love it, the flowers and the quote are just really cute and I think it’s nice to spot people’s phone cases on the tube and see something that’s bright and makes you think

I’m definitely getting myself some HP ones in a bit because I think they are absolutely brilliant. Hopefully you’ve seen something here for yourself or as a little gift for someone.

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