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23 January 2017

I tried to do this post back in 2016 but as I really wasn’t into blogging it just sat in my draft for a while (the only thing I’d written as the title). So I thought I’d give it a go again, it also made me revisit my 2015 post (My Daily Make-Up Routine + Swatches) and see what has changed and I’d say about 50% is the same. So we have progress and progress is good! As much hasn’t changed in terms of my tools, I didn’t go ahead and photograph everything, but I thought I’d share the new products that I’m now using.


I think I’ve said this before in make-up posts, but I am far too lazy to wear foundation every day. I’d rather get 5 more minutes of sleep than apply foundation. However when I do, this is what I have been going for lately. I forgot to photograph my Becca Ever Matte Pore Perfecting Primer but this primer is magic! I picked it up when I was in NY in May and I have fallen in love with it, I do not know what is in it but I barely have to powder my face when I have it on. I’ll do a separate review on it but if you have oily skin I 100% recommend it. So on top of my primer I have been using these two. I still use my Smashbox Halo HD Foundation but I’ve given it a break for now. I have to mix my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation with this L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation because the EL is too dark for me and the L’Oreal is too light. I love the coverage of the Estee Lauder Foundation but I feel like it oxidises on me and so to prevent that I lighten to up with the True Match. I sadly picked up the L’Oreal True Match in a really light shade because for some reason I thought it was the darkest colour they had and someone was purchasing it for me America. Either way it still works out as I just mix them both together on my Beauty Blender Surface Simple and then I’m good to go. 


I have used to many different products on my eyebrows but I think I have finally settled on the two products that I do like. The first is the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso, before this I was using the Urban Decay Brow Beater in Neutral Brown £14/$20but I got through two of those quite quickly and figured I needed something more cost effective. So I picked up the NYX one whilst browsing the counter during my lunch hour. I purchased both the UD pencils in Sephora whilst on holiday and when I ran out I really didn’t fancy paying £14 for something that I ran out of so quickly. The NYX one is great and is a darker colour, which I like. I use the pencil to fill in all the sparse areas and draw a shape around my brows. I then use this Sleek Eyebrow Palette (before the pencils stepped in this was all I used), so to fill in any areas the pencil might have missed with the slanted edge of my EcoTools Brush to give my eyebrows a fuller look.


Everything that I use on my eyes has changed from 2015 and this is because of new products that I found in 2016. I started to use the NYX Retractable Eye Liner instead of the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer. There’s no real reason for this, I just fancied a change and I have a good NYX counter available to me. My mascara choices are as a result of my New York trip. I picked up the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in a travel size when I was in NY and I loved it, so it was a no brainer to purchase the full size. The next mascara is MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, I actually got this with a make over session that I had done with MAC whilst I was in NY. This really lengthens my lashes, so after I apply the Two Faced one for volume I layer this one on to make it look like I have lashes. Out of the two I’d definitely say the MAC one is my favourite and it’s still going strong since May! 

Finding the perfect liquid liner has been a struggle, I’m still not happy with the two I use as they can easily be removed by me accidently rubbing my eye! I use Soap and Glory Supercat Liner and the NYX Super Skinny Marker. I find the NYX one is perfect for creating the flick and then joining it up with the S&G that I will have used across my lid. The colour payoff for both is great but neither of them have the last power that I want.

The final thing I’ll apply is highlighter and this is something new for me. I finally got my hands on the Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighting Powder and I love it. I’m still learning how to use it properly, but I love applying to the tops of my cheeks when I’m going out for drinks or dinner in the evening. The product is beautiful and feels like a real treat every time I open it up and apply it - my pictures just don't do it justice, but click the link for its beauty!

Blush & Bronzer
In terms of blusher, bronzer and lip colours I’m still pretty much using all the ones from my 2015 post, which includes the Sleep blush trio palette, ELF Baked Bronzer and the purple and plum lip colours. The only addition to my blush collection is Illamasqua’s powder blush in Thrust, which is described as a deep magenta pink. It’s gorgeous, but I do have to use a light hand to make sure I don’t go overboard.

So that’s it for my make-up! I’m happy that I’ve managed to stick with the good ones and change up some products. I’m still on the hunt for a good eyeliner, so I know I’ll be trying out some new ones this year. What are your make-up staples?

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