[guest post] 7 Fall Beauty Trends Revealed

18 September 2017

Depending on what kind of calendar you rely on – meteorological or astronomical, Fall has already arrived with the arrival of September 1st or will arrive come the 22nd. Regardless of what belief you cling to, the reality is this – the minute temperatures dropped signified the arrival of glorious Fall, and the season comes with its own set of unique rules and trends to abide by, in terms of fashion, skincare, makeup as well as hair. This is a huge shift and you should welcome it fully prepared.

Therefore, while there’s still time to welcome Fall in a grand style, we come to you with no less than seven major trends that will hold the reigns this golden season.

Show-stopping eyes

If such makeup artisans as Pat McGrath have taught us anything about eye makeup trends for this season is that now more than ever is time to be brave, bold and not afraid of color. Layering bold and highly pigmented shades and hues, often contrasting ones will be huge this season. In all fairness, some of these looks are meant for the runway only, and it’s highly unlikely you can pull off lavender-colored eyebrows in everyday life. Still, the lesson is that you shouldn’t be afraid to use more than two shades of your favorite eye shadow palette in your current makeup routine. Experiment with colors and techniques, and be sure to make a statement with your eyes. With the release of palettes filled with maroon, brown, and burnt orange shades, the world is your oyster. 

Flawless skin

Carefree summer days and dewy skin are a match made in heaven, but there is a new perfect pair on the block and that is fall in combination with the perfect matte complexion. Bold eye and lip colors definitely go hand in hand with matte skin that adds to the sophisticated look. One of the great foundations out there is definitely the Whitissimo Liquid Foundation by Pola Skincare that has rich and luminous finish. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve perfection as this liquid wonder can easily compete with all the high-end products out there. 

May you have a very berry fall

Red is still safe, so if you’re a stickler for all things classic, apply the red and carry on. However, the gods of makeup have spoken and as the runways were flooded with an entire universe of dark red, aubergine and berry hues, it’s safe to assume that in terms of lippies, this will be a very berry season, so waste no time before you upgrade your lippie game with the perfect berry shade for your skin tone.

Take care, ok?

With harsh weather comes dry skin and the cells seem to die faster. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to step up your skin grooming game and make masking and exfoliation a priority. Not only is this a matter of supreme cleanliness, but regular exfoliation contributes to collagen production, but that amazing foundation will sit far better on purified and plump skin. 

Switch it up

It’s time to go over your skincare arsenal and store away all the light moisturizers and summertime go-to’s. To keep the dryness and fall blues away from your skin, stock up on heavier and more nourishing moisturizers for both day and night. If you’re a busy girl (and we bet you are), take a cue from skincare minimalists and get the most out of a simplified skincare routine.

From crop top to a cool crop

At the turn of every season we feel compelled to make a hairstyle change, it’s simply human nature. If you’re tired of the beachy waves and messy hair that doesn’t care, a sleek bob might just be just what the style doctor ordered. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something even more drastic, that is undoubtedly a job for a pixie cut. It will give you the mysterious edginess to go with your bold eyes and your seductive berry lips.

Sweater weather anyone?

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the glue that holds it all together – the glorious clothes! Some of the most highly coveted pieces to upgrade your wardrobe with this season include (but are not limited to) statement pieces. One such addition can come in the form of an autumn coat with a whole lot of fringe, but if you come across a dress with this detail, don’t shy away from it either. Still, if you want to make an even bigger statement, you’ll definitely add a fur (faux fur) coat to your wardrobe arsenal.

When it comes to footwear, things are certainly looking statement-y as well. Just as with makeup, the fall lines are full of color and bold patterns, so if there was ever a time to rock pink sock boots, it’s now. However, one final, and it seems most dominant trend of all will be the cowboy look and if you’re a fan of the Western look, jump on board. 


This post is a guest post from the wonderful Amy Mia

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