Amsterdam - Day 1

30 October 2017

I have truly caught the travelling bug! My plans for this year were to actually travel outside of Europe but tbh everywhere I’ve been this year has been great so I can’t even complain. What I thought was my final trip of the year (it’s not I’ve managed to sneak in a quick trip to Disneyland Paris in December) was to Amsterdam. I visited Amsterdam last year September and when a friend wanted to go back this year I was like yes! I absolutely loved it last time so I was more than happy to use up some of the free time I had, in what I like to call one of my favourite cities.

This time I stayed in Amsterdam for 3 nights and arrived in the afternoon on a Monday, we stayed at The Grand Hotel Downtown – I will hopefully do a review of that if I haven’t gone overboard on the Amsterdam posts! We stayed in their penthouse and had a lovely terrace that I admittedly didn’t make much use of but still, it was affordable and provided great views of the city!

 I seriously think this looks like the poo emoji!

After settling in and taking 100+ photos on the terrace we decided to go out for a bite to eat, much of this trip was about eating great food and seeing Amsterdam, so be prepared for a lot of food pictures! We went to Geflipt which was conveniently located 2mins away from us, it's a burger place and it was SO good. The burger I had came with truffle mushrooms (I found out that the Dutch really like mushrooms) and it was the best, I love mushrooms in burgers and I don’t think enough places do it! I had it with coleslaw and stole some of my friend's chips – great combo. 

After our late lunch/early dinner we decided to explore Amsterdam! One of the things I loved the last time I went was the Museum of Prostitution, I think it gives some great insights into The Red Light District that you would never know otherwise, plus it has some great photo opportunities! They have a window that you can stand in front of and pretend you're in a real one as from the outside it does look like that! They also have a whole S&M area that you're free to take pictures in and a sex swing that you can actually sit in! Overall it gives you an insight into the rules and regulations behind prostitution in Amsterdam. If you're ever in Amsterdam give it a visit. It also has a really funny bit at the end which are sex confessions from people all over the world. 

After the museum, we wandered around De Wallen (Red Light District), visited some of the famous coffee shops and visited some beer places. My friend is really into craft beers and Amsterdam has so many places that do great beers so we visited two that night whilst just having a stroll around Dam. One of the places had peanuts on the floor like it was there thing, you could eat free nuts and just throw it on the floor. We stayed until closing time and got to witness the staff clearing it up, so you know they do this every single night. 

 Candid photos at Brewery De Prael

The peanut bar also known as Bierfabriek

So that was our first day in Amsterdam! It ended with my getting Wok to Walk because it's my favourite noodle bar and drinking with an old drunk man - all fun stuff!

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