how am i suppose to be happy, when all i've ever wanted it comes with a price

17 September 2009

Today was bad and good and then bad. I stress myself out too much, I just have so much to worry about and I worry excessively and it drives me crazy. I slept for two hours today, despite that I decided to be productive, even though I am broke and already in my overdraft I decided to use it for and it was going well until I went to Westfields and couldn't find anything to spend money on!

facial stuffff.

bought this from Topshop. srsly the only thing that caught my eye & it was £6 so i thought why not.

'lavender' tights. random buy but i really like them now.

got this from one of the stalls in camden on my way homee!

i bought hair rollers so i had them in whilst watching top model.

came out a bit messy to be honest...

munching on a finger. that's my lil brotherrr.

song: the red jumpsuit appratus - cat&mouse


  1. i think you have too much money sandra XD

  2. I adore the bow and the tights! A girl after my own heart I see!


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