here come the girls

13 September 2009

I know it's an overload of Taylor Momsen but Alexa Chung is such a cutie too, that I couldn't resist posting this!

i think i'm ill. i'm completely exhausted I stayed at a friends and got about two hours sleep but i mean i actually feel ill. bleegh i've been in and out of sleep since 11am and i still feel shitty. getting my hair done tomorrow though yay, i'm actually gonna have the same style as taylor, i didn't realise until i made her my obessesion but full fringes are bad for my skin so yeah i do need one i can pin back.


  1. She's awesome! It's quite refreshing to see her unique rocker chick style.

  2. I am totally in love with Taylor's wardrobe but I can't stand that she's a sixteen year old 'rock chick' who can afford it all lol.
    feel better soon!


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