when the blood dries in my veins.

29 October 2009

I'm excited to be blogging again, although no one reads it, I love doing it for myself.

This has been me lately.

I wore this on monday to go food shopping, I've owned this top for like 5 years and worn it like 3 times.
I just love the colour for some reason.
I've worn this skirt twice. It's a bit too short at the back and i can never find anything that goes perfectly with it :(

i later changed it into this for my spanish class because the top revealed a lot of belly when i moved and i'm not ready to deal with wandering eyes.

tuesdays outfit.
i'm lacking inspiration but i'm comfortable

i've also been wearing a lot of red lipstick lately. I used to dab a bit on during the summer,
but i'm finding now i really like it on me.
I need to take pictures of my little shopping spree. But I got myself a yellow coat! It's bright and not me but I totally wanted it when I saw it. And my friend who hates the fact that I wear black all the time loved it. He is certainly inspiring me to wear more colour!
song: beyonce - broken hearted girl

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