birmingham part 2.

28 October 2009

I finally finally FINALLY have internet at my place! Woo. Overdue photos but whatever, I can finally blog and do whatever. Oh and work at home, yay for that...

we met this performer named master shortie, he was really good.
ignore my face & lol @ his face

family photo. this was the people i spent most freshers week with.

in the centre is a dj named reggie yates, everyone was excited to see him.
he just reminds me of a game that's like named after him & it makes me laugh.


i stick my tongue out WAAY too much in photos.

This ends my freshers week photos! finally. no order to these either. I have photos from when I went to london, but they'll come later.

song: Chase & status - End credits (listen listen listen)

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