29 April 2010

Terrible pictures of outfits and my new piercing. I don't really like the stud? I keep thinking I do thn I'mlike no i don't. I can change it to a ring next Wednesday and if I like it i'll keep it, if not it comes out becaus my mum will kill me anyway. Anyway I want to get my camera fixed! I might end up getting a new one for £50 I saw the deal in jessops and I really do want a new one for when I go travelling!

This jumper is from primark and has shoulder pads and I love it. Love the lace detail on it as well. Although me wering white is a bad idea! SO many food stains.

Okay so the pictures really are shit that's what I wore on Tuesday for Alton towers. I got the top for £5 in the River Island sale. This necklace is my new fav from Select.

Hmm :/
I'm off to do a bit of revision before my Spanish class.

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  1. Ahhh I think it suits you!

    Also loving the pics of your friends new house below. It is stunning, that bath! Wow.


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