dear doctor

19 August 2010

dear doctor,
i fear i have no clue what i'm after.
the headaches, the nightmares.
the sweats, the aches.
all i do is tremble,
all i do is shake.

i'm aware of the world moving in circles,
and in my head they collide like a car crash.
i know i am ill-fated,
my symptoms out-dated.
but these nuisances are real.

the passing night is faded purple.
i know of no other blanket
so enchanting, so deceiving.
they invite me into death,
with every dream i fight for breath.

rapid movements in my sleep,
my body temperature sizzles.
i feel the words escaping my lips,
the run past my fingertips.
no control
and then i am awake.
so cold
and all i can do is shake.

i am drenched,
my t-shirt sticking to my skin.
i am so cold
and my dream is now old.

you see doctor,
these nightmares consume.
they chose me.

-11th august 2010


  1. I really liked reading this. very intense. I like reading poetry most on a level of three glasses of wine and this was really great to finish up my bottle.

    I absolutely adored your summer story too- tell me, what drugs did you take? ;)


  2. This is pretty deep... You were definatley going through something.


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