i want a kitty!

6 August 2010

I really want a cat! Have always wanted one but my family are a no animal person plus after taking my brother to a friends house, I found out he was allergic to cats! I'm really tempted to get a small one because my friends cat has just had teeny kittens! I'd actually take it back to my uni room as well. I can't wait to live in my own house and have all the animals I want. I'd totally get a dog too if my partner wanted one, I just wouldn't get one for myself. I like cats because they can fuck off and do whatever but i can still hold and cuddle them. i swear i will be one of those crazy cat ladies when I'm older.

omfg, i want!
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  1. Awwwww they're sooo cute! My friends cats keep popping out kittens!


  2. Aw, I'm not really a cat person but I know plenty of people who are, my best friend has two which she named Phoebe and Monica, so cute!


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