Things I love about London

11 December 2010

So since going home this week I've been thinking about what I love about the city I've called home for 18 years and this is what I've come up with so far.

i. it’s a wonderful beautiful city. yes it has it’s bad areas but honestly comparing it to Birmingham at least the whole of it is not dirt. London has so many beautiful places that even now when I’m on the train or the bus I just look out of the window constantly. There are just so many places in London that I love to walk by simply because they’re stunning.
ii. Some of my best friends live there. London simply holds my life, albeit most of the bad parts, but it’s my life and I’ve made the best friends there. I grew up being a shit little teenager there, I’ve lost count of the people I’ve met in all the random places but I’ve met some amazing people in London. My friends are all different wonderful individuals that I am always trying new things, something that Birmingham lacks as everyone is just meh. London is exciting, I never plan much with my friends but I always end up having an amazing night or day. London just has so many different people and my talkative self means I always end up talking to random people and making friends.
iii. the talent. by this i mean attractive people! I meet so many attractive people in London. Even just walking down the street or being on the bus or train I see so many attractive people that it makes my day.
iv. there is so much to do in London, seriously, even though I complain about being bored wherever I am London just has so much to offer and there is ALWAYS something to do.

i’ll add more to this when i think of more…


  1. I definitely love London a lot too and plan on moving there as soon as the opportunity arises...but hey Birmingham isn't that bad haha! Although I have to admit that I live just outside of the city. Have a lovely Xmas at home!

  2. I love London too! It's my hometown and i can't imagine being anywhere else. I agree although it has bad areas, it's beautiuful and there are beautiful people everywhere!

  3. I nodded so much throughout this my head should have fell off haha. I moved to Cambridge from London a few months ago (born and raised in London yo!) There's just so much more to do there! My friends, my memories, my knowledge of the local area is all there. Man, I miss London.


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