We are a formula for disaster

2 December 2010

love vs lost vs hope vs idontloveyouanymore

what is this?

our connectionconnection is fading
just uttering a beep
in the lonely hospital room
with a low chance of survival.

Who do you hope will revive us?
Love vs lust vs infatuation.
Like a pin prick, the rush is overwhelming.
I am sorry.
Hate vs love vs depression vs lack of.

What do you expect me to have?

Hate + loneliness + you = disappointment

I know what they mean now.
I seem to combine the ingredients that backfire.
You + me = ?
You + her = ?
You can never know the outcome.

That’s the problem with chemistry
Until you know the perfect amount
You’re mixing aimlessly,
Stirring numbers in a limbo
And it’s a little too late to stop when the mixture has already erupted.

x + y vs a + b
you x me vs me - you

The solution is never simple.

Wednesday 24th February 2010

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