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16 June 2011

I've been eyeing up this shirt since yesterday and today after my mother left I just took it from her closet! I absolutely love it! I love the little diamante detail it has the the pattern and the cute buttons. I don't own any denim anymore so I think I'm now falling in love with it! 
I spent my day looking for curtains, as I have none and I think I've found the perfect ones, I'm trying to envision my future room so they sort of have to go with that. Anyway I have some from my mum to choose from as she footing the cost as she's partly responsible for why the sun blinds me at 6am every morning, grrr.
close up of the pattern :) 

It's just starting pissing it down with rain, I got caught in a bit earlier but nothing as bad as this! Grateful for that as I only had a hoodie on me.

Had dinner at The Cuban in Camden as I bought a voucher from Groupn so it was about £40 worth of food for £16. Thing is I didn't really enjoy it, it was Cuban tapas and well I just didn't think it was tasted nice. It lacks something. I thoroughly enjoyed the tapas I've had at La Tasca, though so I haven't given up on tapas forever. It was nice though to treat my friend and I felt like I was being treated because I paid for it so long ago! I have a £25 massage I am yet to use!

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