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5 June 2011

Isn't my violin beautiful? I haven't played her in years! I was never good at it anyway.

So in a desperate bid to stop being a hoader and to clear out my room and to make money, I'm selling her.
So if you want a violin for cheap click here (or spread the word).
 She's been around for too long and deserves to go to someone who will play her.

I'm also selling my memo boards (a cork and magnetic one) so do check out my ebay account! 


  1. I'd buy her if I'd learn to play the violin instead of the cello. Currently, my cello is on vacation in the basement of my house, in a severe need of new strings, a bridge and tuning.


  2. hahah, a cello, i could have never learned to play one with all that weight!

  3. I'm tempted to bid for her. I really want to learn how to play the violin but it will probably end up gathering dust in my room.
    strut mode


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