Massaging, acupuncture and cupping.

4 April 2013

So today I visited the Herbal Inn for a massage and acupuncture session (I ended getting cupping as well). This is all part of my treating myself and looking after myself rule. I got a deal from Amazon Local for £29 and I was so looking forward to trying acupuncture because I’ve never had it before.

 I went to the Herbal Inn on Oxford Street and the service was really good! They ask you about certain areas you want them to work on and ask you about injuries etc. So after answering all the necessary questions I went and had my treatment.

 First it was acupuncture, I was a little nervous because I’d never had it before, but it was fine. You only feel a little pinch when the needles go in and then that’s it. However lying down for 30minutes with them was not fun! My masseuse told me to relax and it was near impossible! I listen to quite a lot of relaxation podcasts to combat my anxiety, so I tried using one of those. However thinking about lying on your back on a beach, when you have needles in your back, didn’t make for the most relaxing image. Nevertheless it was pain free and I just day dreamed. When he came to take the needles out I barely felt them coming out! I thought there were a lot more in me, than what he actually took out. 

 Next was cupping. I’ve seen this done before, so I knew what to expect and it is as weird as it looks and trust me this picture is the more flattering of the ones I came across on google!! It didn’t hurt or anything like that but the sound kept making me laugh. So my masseuse did that for a bit and then left one of the cups on my problem section. Now I have a big old cup mark there because he massaged me and left it there. 

 So then there was my massage. It was SO good. Ugh my masseuse worked on my problem area for ages, which was just fantastic. Then did my neck and shoulders and then lower back. It was so bloody perfect. It wasn’t that relaxing when they are tackling problem areas but after that it was just bliss and it leaves you feeling so revived.

 I even got a box of ginseng things to take, which I’m actually not looking forward too. I bet it will be gross   :( But what a lovely way to spend the day! Considering was starting to snow when I was on my way there. But four hours later I'm warmed up with some tea in my hand and I'm feeling pretty good. I certainly recommend Herbal Inn, although it will leave a dent in your pocket when you pay full price!


  1. ooo as a mega stressed/over worked person, this definitely intrigued me! i had a massage once but just couldn't relax haha, the cupping scares me a bit but i like the sound of the needles! x

    1. I really really think the acupuncture made all the difference! I actually feel amazing right now, so it deffo works!


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