The Kia bag from La Moda

11 April 2013

I present to you one of my latest purchases from La Moda:

La Moda are a UK brand who sell unique handbags for really affordable prices. I came across them whilst reading Georgia's blog, which inspired me to get the same bag. For me it's the perfect mix, glamour with an edge. Pretty much sums up my taste in fashion too. 

So what does it look like, I hear you cry! Well perfection looks like this:

This is the Kia bag priced at £13. Yes you read that right, only £13! And lucky old me had a discount so I got it for £10.40, seriously such a bargain. The bag also comes in blue, brown and grey, but for me black all the way!

It comes with the chain and a strap, which you can take off easily so that it can just be a clutch bag. I love the fact that it's so versatile. Plus it has a lot more room than your average clutch bag which I love because my purse is huge. It has an inside zip AND zips up as well so extra safe! I'm actually just in love with the bag and the price and I seriously recommend you check them out, because they have loads of other affordable and unique bags! 

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