10 things I've learned this month.

29 June 2014

So I am back with my monthly round up of wisdom I have gained this month. It’s been a good month overall – certainly looks like a better half of the year is about to come my way. So without further ado…

1 – I’ve learned to let go of things. I cannot control everything so I breathe and remind myself of that, and suddenly I feel much lighter. What other people do (or don't do) isn't something I can help. Who’d have thought it eh me not stressing?! P.S The block button on WhatApp has helped a lot with this.
2 – I am my own best friend. Nobody knows me like I know me. I haven’t learned this through any let down, so do not fear I am not on some bitter rampage, but just through interactions with people when it comes to what I want. I just mean when you have to do things, be it a driving lesson, social situations or interviews, you only have you, so you better damn well be nice to yourself and get through it.
3 – Following on from that I’ve learned how important self confidence is. I’m taking baby steps but I’m getting there.
4 – I am loving bronzer this month. It’s my new thing; I’m just about that glow!
5 – Changing my pillow case is super super important. Bacteria is not cute.
6 – I’m good at things! I passed my driving test (first time) this month. Hurrah no more throwing money at my instructor anymore!
7 – I have come leaps and bounds this month – after a couple of interviews this month and just daily interaction with people I have noticed I have come a long way with this social anxiety thing.
8 – Elementary (the TV show) is my new love.
9 – HTML! I am learning little bits here and there and I am loving it!
10 – Five Guys is overrated.

So there you have it, 10 obviously useful things I have learned this month. I know July will bring a huge bunch of lessons, but the thing is I’m sure it will also bring a huge wishlist. So we’ll see which one wins next month!

 Have a lovely Sunday!

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