YouTuber Crush Alert!

5 June 2014

So I have a new crush. This developed about two hours ago and here I am posting about it. But she’s a beaut and her style is on point. I’ve now watched all of her YouTube videos (there are 17 okay and they are not very long) and I’m in love love love. Anyway let me show you what I’m talking about, rather than yap on. I think perhaps now I need to be doing another favourite YouTubers soon, but not too soon as I haven’t really got that many new favourites. 

Name: Hannah 
YouTube:  Cocobeautea

I'd recommend watching her  Casual Chic Lookook
. I love how creative she was with the names in this lookbook and the editing and style is fantastic.
Following that her Style Diaries – Number 1 & Number 2. The editing and style are both again, amazing.

She be killin’ it. Go take a look you won't be disappointed.

P.S  I have posts lined up for my blog, but have so much to do so may take some time to actual get them up. I hope everyone has a good evening! 

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