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21 November 2014

Following my review on the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay, I thought I’d talk about the different cleansers I’m using at the moment and how I’m finding them. 

I have three cleansers that I have been reaching for daily and the first one is Lush’s Ultrabland. After seeing Caroline Hirons video about cleansers, I was intrigued by Ultrabland and seeing as it was more purse friendly that the others she was suggested, I decided to snap it up. I had never used a balm cleanser before so I was really interested to see what it would be like. I really enjoyed using this, as it really worked well at keeping my skin clean without stripping my skin. I use a muslin cloth to remove this after applying and I always found it just left my skin feeling calm and clean. I never used this to remove make-up so I was always applying it directly to my skin. I think super simple to use and leaves you with a lovely clean face! I think this is a perfect balm cleanser to always have for those days when your skin needs nourishment, which is mainly due to the fact that it is made with almond oil, beeswax and honey. Oh and it smells lovely! 

I received the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm in my October Birchbox. It is also a balm and arrived after I purchased the Lush one, so I was happy to have two types of blams to try. What I love about this balm is that it has these tiny grains which do a wonderful job of taking away dirt and helping to exfoliate. Lush’s Ultrabland is totally smooth, so it was nice to see a difference in this balm. It works wonders at making your skin feel nourished and I use a muslin cloth to remove this. Again I apply it directly to my skin after my first cleanse. The one thing about this is the smell, I mentioned this in my October Birchbox post, but the smell is so incredibly odd. I can bare it but it is super funky, I’m sure that it down to the natural ingredients they use. 

I won’t bang on too much about the FAB Deep Cleanser as you can read my full review here. This one I love because on those days when I just cannot find the hundreds of muslin clothes or flannels that I own, I can just get down to fuss free face washing. I especially love this stuff when I feel like my skin is feeling congested and oily and the last thing I want to do is slap a balm on it. This one gets right down to cleaning, without stripping and leaves me with cleaner feeling skin. 

So that’s all for what I’ve been using! I actually finished Ultrabland two days ago so I’ve added another one into the mix, which you will hear about shortly! 

What are your favourite cleansers?

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