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12 November 2014

Sorry things have been quiet over here for a bit, I've been struck down by some sort of Winter bug, I guess I should have added flu mediciation to my November needs eh? Anyway on to todays post.

I was searching through my blog for something and came across some of the wishlists I posted during the year (does anyone else end up getting distracted by reading all their old posts and then spotting all their errors? No, just me?) I was pleasantly surprised to see that actually I had purchased some of the things I wanted, not a lot of them mind you, but considering I forgot about them about a week after posting I was indeed surprised. 

I mentioned in this post that a lot of the time wishlists seem to be something of a passing thing, you post it and then forget that you want it and look for the next thing you want. I think it’s super important to go back and revisit these things and see if t here is actually anything there that still makes you go ‘oh I still want that!’ I got that with my February wishlist, I seriously still want all of them apart from the NARS Bronzer. 

So everything I have bought has actually been from my March wishlist, although one was a sample that I deffo did not buy. I thought I’d round up briefly how I found them and whether I would repurchase. 

So I wanted the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil and I did end up purchasing it, I actually loved this when I first got it. I had never used a serum or a facial oil prior to using it so I was really excited for it. It worked really well in the beginning, it made me skin plump and brighter and I absolutely loved it. But as I said here / lately I think its benefits have worn off, so whilst I enjoy using it I’m not sure how effective it is on my skin right now. I’m really unsure as to whether I would buy this again. 

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant was another product I was after and you can see from the review I did here, that I was just not impressed with the product, it didn't deliver any of the promises for me personally. I still have it now because I use it occasionally but this is not something I would buy again. Tried and tested and it failed. 

The NUDE ProGenius oil was another thing I wanted but I was lucky enough to receive a sample size in my August Birchbox. I’m super disappointed that I didn’t see or feel any benefits from it because I really wanted to. The sample size was great I felt because I got at least 2 weeks use of it. After a week of putting it on at night and not seeing any results, I switched to using it in my moisturiser (using just the one pump) to help with the change of weather. Considering how expensive this is, I just know I couldn’t buy it because I saw no benefits. 


Have you bought yourself anything that you’ve put on your wishlist? Was it worth it? Stay tuned as I've just purchased something that's been sitting in my Feel Unique wishlist and I'm so so excited to try it out! 

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