Introducing BeZonter Christmas Crackers

14 December 2014

So with the holidays approaching I thought I’d better post something festive on the blog. I know Christmas is about many many things, but let’s talk about something that doesn’t get that much coverage over Christmas but is a well loved part of it. CHRISTMAS CRACKERS. I absolutely loved crackers as a kid, it is one of the good things I think about when I think about Christmas; those little jokes and rubbish toys that you forget about within 10 minutes, but most importantly the snapping sound when you pull them apart. Today I bring you your childhood crackers with gifts you’ll want to keep!

BeZonter is the creation of one of my dearest friends Tamar. We went to secondary school together, so right from the age of 11 I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her and it makes me so happy to see she’s doing something she loves! Tamar has always been entrepreneur, when we were at school she was the girl you’d go to for cakes and chocolates because the vending machine didn’t have half as good as a selection as she did. So whilst we were scoffing our faces Tamar was pocketing away our money because she had the sense to fill the gap. And now here she is doing it again with her Christmas crackers. I should say now that I haven’t been compensated in any way or any of that stuff. I literally ask Tamar if I could write about her products because she’s a star and I love to write.

Tamar’s aim with BeZonter is ‘to create a product that has less of an impact on the environment and a big part of this has been sourcing gifts I think people will treasure and not trash. All tubes and packaging are made from recycled material (although not 100%) or are biodegradable.’ 

I told you it was your childhood crackers but better and more environmentally friendly! All the crackers are handmade from the softest recycled cotton paper which is hand made and hand printed in India. The crackers are priced different according to their design and what gift option you choose but prices start at £30 and go up to £60. You'll receive 6 crackers with every order. To give you an idea of what sort of gifts you can receive I've included pictures and information below. You'll receive 6 of the gifts in your chosen category along with a snap, hat, joke gift and surprise gift! Now on to the goodies! 

Gift Group 1 - £30/35 

Whoopee cushion (green, white or red available), Hand warmer (various colors), Bicycle Clip Bookmark - mark your place with a bike clip,  Pencil Sharpener bottle cap - Reuse a plastic bottle and catch your shavings,  Wooden mini-iq puzzle (we've managed to solve them all ... great fun!),  Leaf-shaped filigree earrings - gold colour,  Incense sticks - Frankincense and Musk,  Robot-fish - collectable clownfish activated in water - with bonus batteries,  Small card punch (various colours and design - this one's the heart-shape), Multi-strand bracelet with silver charms in various designs (bird, seahorse ...), Puppy stapler (blue or pink), Hand felted soap (various colors), Your very own bunny island and Passion fruit bath bombs.

Gift Group 2 - £35/40 

Cactus/ Mushroom candle, Multi-strand bracelet (various designgs, bird, seahorse, musical...), Wooden mini IQ puzzle,  Facecloth compressed into heart shape,  Bathbombs,  Tweezers, Nail caviar (various colors), Key ring ruler, Butterfly seedballs - simply scatter in garden watch as flowers grow and butterflies come to visit, Frankincense or musk incense,  Guitar bottle opener, Owl necklace and Hand felted soap.

Gift Group 3 - £40/45 

Bobino headphone cord wrap, Key-shaped bottle opener keyring (silver or vintage look), Bird necklace, Metal IQ puzzles (various designs all challenging), Bag hook (also have flower design), Money / pill holder keyring, Egg timer, Nail caviar, Headphone splitter- share your music, Phoney phone charm (owl, fox or kitten design), Funny Fruit Faces compact facecloth 100% cotton (various designs),  Heart-shaped filigree necklace - vintage look, Eraser table tennis, Hula girl air fresher, Iron on fox by sass& belle, Shark bottle opener key ring and Fish bottle opener key ring.

Gift Group 4 - £60 

Seaglass charm necklace, Rose bag hook, Wine stopper/ pourer, Owl headphone protector, Grow your own Thyme/ Oregano kit, Candle holder, 925 Sterling silver heart necklace, Shark bottle opener, Money holder- keep a spare not on your keys for emergencies, Key cover multi tool- nail file, tweezers, bottle opener, screwdriver x3, thread cutter, 925 Sterling silver tree of life necklace, Metal IQ puzzle, Fish bottle opener, ikey- add a short-key button to your phone for instant photography or whatever you programme it to do, Grow beans with a message, Butterfly bag hook, Nail art pens x2 and Personitas wish fairy with 3 wishes and some fairy dust to ensure they come true.

And those are the gifts, I love the variety and definitely make a difference from your normal table cracker. My friend Tamar kindly gave me a discount code for my readers :) If you use SBlog25 you will receive 25% off your order! It expires on December 31st. 

You can purchase BeZonter crackers from here or e-mail Tamar directly on Custom boxes can be made to order.

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