Skincare Shakeup

24 May 2015

Over the past 6 months I’ve been working on choosing the best products for my skin, rather than going along with the hype. Quite frankly my budget cannot cater for the hype anyway. There are two products I’ve introduced into my routine that have completely changed the way I feel about my skin.

The first is La Roche Posay’s Serozinc. Yes this is a product that has been hyped up, so I fail on that front. But the only reason I’m talking about it, is because it works! When Escentual first delivered the news that we could finally buy it in the UK, I thought at under £9 I was willing to giving it a try. I mentioned here that I broke out using this and the FAB pads, but neither product has made me break out after further use. That was probably a hormonal breakout as neither product made me breakout again. Anyway I love this product, I feel that the one thing I always neglected in my routine was hydration, and now I realise that my skin is seriously dehydrated. This just added the perfect amount of hydration to my face, especially because I do use acids on my face. I really feel that it’s done a good job in preventing breakouts, and soothing any that do occur. It’s only water and zinc, but it’s just a great product. It’s a great toner and I’ve already repurchased it! I was without it for 3 weeks and noticed a serious change in my skin, it looked dull and lacklustre.

My next skincare saviour is Vichy's Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. I used a product from Vichy years ago and loved it (I can’t remember the name) and I know there are a lot of products from them that bloggers favour. I was hunting around for a good cleanser, I didn’t want to spend shit loads because quiet frankly I’m not spending £30+ on something that’s on my face for like 10seconds. I also wanted something targeted to my skin type. Without any research I just purchased this because of the good reviews I’ve heard about Vichy products and my own experience with that one product. This thing is perfect for me. At first I avoided using it every day, because I thought it would really dry my skin out and I was also using another cleanser at the time. After my other cleanser ran out, I decided to use this every day. It didn’t dry out my skin because I was using the above toner and oils every three days. This has Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid in it so it is good for pores, although you are washing it off your face so you’re not getting the full benefits. Nevertheless it’s a good cleanser for oily skin and I personally think it’s really helped to balance out my skin and the amount of oil it produces. I’ve already ordered another one as a back-up! 

So those are the two products I am crediting with changing my skin. I really felt the loss of Serozinc, and it’s only as am typing it that it’s been delivered to me. I cannot wait to get home and use it. I really want to make sure I source products that help my skin and that are affordable for myself. I’m happy to spend the amount on both of those products, as I feel they are worth the price tag. 

I’ve recently purchased the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser & Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum, so I’ll let you know if these will make it into my skin care routine permanently. 

What product has changed your skincare routine for the better? 

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  1. I really like that Vichy cleanser too, it's so good for acne prone skin - or even just keeping it away and I do use it occasionally at home too. I also really like Elemis Tri-enyzme facial wash. It's way pricier than the Vichy one but it's super gentle and it has definitely changed my skin for the better too!

  2. Oh I'm going to look into it. Although I like this one, I'm always on the hunt for more :P


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