Stationery Wish List.

20 May 2015

Like most girls and bloggers I love stationery. It’s just one of those things that I never grew out of, I remember at the start of every school year wondering around Woolworths searching for the perfect pencil case. New stationery somehow made you feel more prepared to take on that school year. By the end of the year pencil cases were battered and the pens were lost, but it’s still the effort that counted.

These days I pick up loved pieces of stationery here and there. I no longer really have a need for a new pencil case or set of pens every year. I think my most loved piece is a notebook that I picked up in Italy which is actually from the Paperblanks, I remember buying thinking yes it’s expensive but I’m miserable and I love this and I deserve a treat. My boyfriend at the time thought I was insane for spending 22euros on a notebook. But I still use it as my personal diary to this day.

ANYWAY. The lust for the pretty stationery has come back again, it happened months ago after watching Teni’s ‘Work Space Tour’ video. My love for Kate Spade has also increased tenfold. Only she can make spending £20 odd pounds on fucking paperclips the dream. Regardless I’ve bundled together some of the pieces I’ve been thinking about in this post to share with you, so you can all dream about flitting your money away like me – enjoy!

one //  two // three // four   
five // six // seven // eight

So there we go a mix of stuff, the blogger and just things I want just for the prettiness and colourfulness. I found out about The Fox and Star through The Private Life of a Girl’s blog interviews and I think she makes the most amazing stationery bits!

Are there any stationery bits you think I should know about?

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  1. The OMG erasers are adorable. Wonder if they're difficult to use. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. They deffo seem like they would be difficult to use! But they are so pretty. They even have 'LOL' ones.


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