Nice, Côte d'Azur - Day 4

7 August 2017

So this is my final post on my wonderful trip to Nice. I did stay for one more day but I really didn't do much as my flight was at 3pm. The 4th day was a really lovely chilled day, after much drinking the night before we had a lazy morning and breakfast in the garden. We then went on to the beach via a lovely little walk through the park.

We spent an just under two hours at the beach before we decided to call it quits. The sea was so cold but very beautiful but it was hot and neither of us are beach people so we grabbed some food and headed back to relax. I started to play around with my 50mm lens and really learned more about the settings and my friend took these two photos of me that I just love for some reason!

I can never be too serious.

After a lovely afternoon we cracked open some prosecco and got ready for our last evening in Nice :( We had no idea where to eat and ended up stumbling across a really lovely restaurant which served the food in the most interesting way!

I cannot remember all the dishes but it consisted of a  fish pie, meatballs, beef stew, pasta, gnocchi, chickpeas and some other things - very delicious!

The name of the restaurant we went to

We then walked into the city centre where we got to see a performance from one of the drag queens from bar butch/bitch - very entertaining!

We fancied one last ice cream before heading back to our apartment to drink all the good red wine we'd bought.

The next afternoon we left and I waved goodbye to a really good break! I was in dire need of this as I was so stressed out and really sad and I needed the time to be off work but also away from home. This was the perfect trip and I'm so glad I was able to squeeze it in!

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