Exploring Italy: Tuscany

11 June 2018

I left off my last post talking about how I’d share the most beautiful place to stay ever and I mean it. When I go on holiday I’m not much of a going out clubbing type of girl, I much prefer an evening in with a lovely bottle of wine. As a result of this I get more cash to splash out in where I’m staying and because we were going to Tuscany and wanted to in the middle of nowhere we decided to stay in an apartment. Only we found the best apartment/villa type place and honestly it was perfect. The only thing missing is a bath, haha but that’s because I’m 100% a bath person and you’ll have seen from my time in Oxford and York. We drove from the airport to Tuscany and a wonderful double rainbow accompanied us for some of the journey. 

So we splurged on the place we wanted to stay in for the next 4 nights and I’m so glad we did! Given the season we went the place was empty and with it being in the middle of nowhere it just meant we got the peace we wanted. We stayed in Vitabella Toscana in their 2 bed apartment and it was fantastic. The pictures of the inside are so grainy because of the setting on my camera but you get the picture!

The cat seemed to like our apartment the most and was a daily visitor. Of course, with such a stunning view to hand, we spent most of the time taking it all in but also posing for photos because this place felt unreal!

We had gone to the supermarket on the drive to the venue so I made dinner, Tuscan style chicken and potatoes, and we settled in for the night.

The place we stayed also had a pool so stay tuned for the photos of what I can only define as paradise :)

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