26 June 2012

For some reason I'm really into cuffs and bracelets in general now. I bought those blue ones, along with another blue one from Accessorize to go with my dress that I wore on the weekend for a wedding. However I changed my dress last minute and the jewellery would never go, so I returned it today. I ordered the KG cuff last week and should have it on wrist today when I get home (fingers crossed mother didn't sleep through the delivery again). I really should get that ASOS cuff but I have to stop shopping because I go on holiday on Thursday!! I also found out that Rokit is not too far from me (I work in Leicester Sqaure, there is one in Covent Garden) and so I walked in there and ended up purchasing a waistcoat for £16. I'll need to pin back some of it, apart from that it's perfect! But here we go - here are some pieces that I really like at the moment.
I also bought a bunch of dylon dye off Ebay, because I can't be bothered to go looking for it and I won't start my DIY until after my holiday, so it's perfect for me. I want to make a jumper I saw someone wearing yesterday and I definitely know it's been a dye operation and well I'm going to recreate it, so keep checking back for that because I promise it's going to be amazing! 

 I still have to do last minute shops for two bikini's and maybe high tops, but we'll see about that! I have a killer cough, so rushing around won't really help that!

 I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday, I have a manic Wednesday coming up and then it's relaxation for 6 days :)

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