Pull Down The Moon 2.0

26 October 2014

Welcome to 2.0 of Pull Down The Moon. So because I’ve really gotten into blogging I decided that it was time to actually have a decent theme. I’ve been searching for the past two weeks and actually ended up buying two. The first one I bought I thought I loved, but when I uploaded it to my blog I really didn’t like it, I wanted something simple and clean. So I ended up with this gem from MangoBlogsShop and I absolutely love how simple it is. I still have a couple of things I'd like to add in, but for now I am so happy with it. 

I don’t have any grand news to accompany my new layout however; I’m still balancing everything whilst trying to produce good content. Considering how restricted I am in work when it comes to content creation, I really want to make sure what I put on here has my touch and is interesting. I have however, created a blog schedule which has been super helpful in mapping out my ideas and seeing how frequently I can actually post.

One piece of interesting news to note is that my friend and I have decided to start a YouTube channel! Her name is Antonette and she blogs over at Bazinga Buys. Please check her out especially the makeup she has been posting for Halloween – she is super talented and I’m so excited to work with her. We are just thinking about names at the moment and then we should be good to go. This is actually very exciting and should have been my grand news haha. But I never thought I would do YouTube so it’s very exciting to be putting myself out there and going on this journey.

The final bit of news I guess is my ‘voice behind the blog’ page, which is just below my banner. I’ve actually had the page for a while but never gave it a moment in the spotlight, but do go check it out as it’s my about me page and even explains the reason for my blog title.

I have some posts planned for this week as I had a lovely shop in Oxford Street yesterday and cannot wait to share some bits with you. Until then there is a range of posts in the archive to keep you busy and they’ll be more aesthetically pleasing with the new layout! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. 

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