The Black Shopping Bag from H&M

19 October 2014

So my old bag was wearing away to bits and actually had rips in the inside towards the last three months. So I've been desperately hunting for a new one. Whilst I would have loved to have snapped up the MK Selma it was a teeny tiny (a lot) bit out of my budget. So I searched high and low, and even roped in the bestie to find some with me, but no luck.

So I had about a weeks resting period and then I was browsing the h&m website, which resulted in me finding 'THE bag' anyway I remember looking through some and thinking 'yeah this could do' 'like that' 'LOVE THAT.' I had clicked on a pink bag because I loooved the style and wanted to see if they had it in black and my heart jumped - they did have in black. However my heart quickly sunk because it was out of stock. All the cries. I ummed and aahed about the others but decided I just didn't like them compared to 'the sold out bag of dreams.'

Anyway not one to wallow (ha) I put the bag out of my head thinking I'd search another day. Then H&M dropped a 25% code off on an item of my choice in my inbox and the bag crept back into my thoughts again. The bag is actually only £25 which is a bargain in my opinion, but I do love a discount. So back on the prowl again and my bag is there in black. Only for me to click and it's not in stock but there is soon to be more. So I'm like fine, I'm sure it'll only take two weeks or something. So I use my code and ordered my beauty. THIS WAS ON THE 31st OF AUGUST.

Can you imagine? I almost forgot about the damn thing and very nearly bought another bag, but then they emailed last week saying it was on its way. I'm sure they saw my cancellation forming in my mind! So it's Tuesday evening when I'm feeling rather sorry for myself the bell rings and all hope and faith is restored in the world (well in bag world).

I'm sure my bag tale has been absolutely thrilling...but I do just LOVE the bag and sadly I think it was actually worth the wait. I love the size of it and just the simple design and best thing is, it looks much more expensive than it is! I think it looks so chic, so if I could just get the wardrobe to match it, I'd be super happy. The bag has three pockets on the inside; one has a zip where I just put my phone and oyster card. The other two are just really two little slots that you find with bags and there I keep my keys and work keys. Everything else just gets thrown in the main inside part and then the bag has one large zip closing it all up. It's a bit like a Mary Poppins bag, it very deep so you really can throw so many things in there.

I think I need to be clever and invest in another bag just so I have choice. I'm the type of person to have that bag that I'll use day in day out for a year, so it gets worn to death and ruined before its time. 

I have to thank my friend Ben for helping me do take some of the photos in this post - you absolute star. 


What bags are you eyeing up at the moment?

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