Spring picks

20 March 2017

Spring picks

Ahh, the change of weather only makes me want to pick up my card and shop some more and for some reason, I've really been drawn to colour. I think this whole spring thing is making drawing me to light and fresh look, rather than my usual black attire. So I've been saving things here and there in the hopes that I can get my hands on them, however, March has been an expensive month so a girl can always dream...

After finding myself in an Oasis one lunch during a walk at lunch, I decided they have some lovely things in there. I ended up buying myself a new top and a potential dress for a friends wedding but also spied a few other bits I liked. The green top, the striped cold shoulder top and the pink vest with the lace detail at the bottom just scream spring/summer to me, they are such light and easy colours to wear and they are also perfect for work. I'm also in love with the silver/grey top which was the nicest peplum detail at the back, I think this would be perfect for after work drinks but also for work. The flamingo t-shirt is also a really cute piece.

I love buying dresses as it means I never have to put much thought into my outfit. I came across these two from Topshop whilst I was on my hunt for a dress to attend my friend's wedding. The paisley print reminds me of festivals, and even though I'm thinking way ahead - it could be a great outfit for when I see The Killers in July! The blue dress is so lovely and looks like a great dress to throw on for the really hot days in spring. I might as well talk about the skirt here too, it's one from Oasis and it is stunning! It's also the only black piece in my haul list!

After seeing Sam mention Missoma in one of her videos I've had my eyes on some bits from the Lucy Williams collection. They are such lovely dainty pieces and I wish I could get them all but alas I need to eat so, for now, I will just sit and stare. 

Here am I deviating from my staple - the black boot - I finally have a good 3 or 4 that I rotate. So now my eyes are trained elsewhere and they have been hooked on these Nike Air Forces but I just haven't been able to bite the bullet to purchase them, I mean I got into trainers last year but I just don't know if I'm ready to fork out over £100 for them! I also spotted these Minna Parikka Glitter Bunny trainers and just thought they were SO adorable, however at £270 I will just be lusting and that's it - I don't think I could even pull it off anyway! Finally, we have these gorgeous blue loafers, I had a pair of black ones from ASOS that I loved but they broke about a month ago. Loafers are my second choice of shoe and they are great for work, I love the richness of the blue and the chain detail. It seems that Oasis will just be taking all my money for the foreseeable future!

I hope this given you some inspiration, I really am inspired this year to get more involved in developing my personal style and trying out different things. Click the boxes at the bottom to see where all the items are from. Let me know about any pieces you've had on your list!

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