3 things I've learned this month.

31 July 2014

I'm keeping it short and sweet this month. I've been busy settling into a new routine for myself with the new job, so it's been a learning curve all round but I only have a few to shoot off this month. 

1. Worry is a waste of time - I am a chronic worrier, I don't show it most of the time but I worry about so much, mainly that I am just not good enough. But you know what? I'm three weeks into my new job and I feel frikkin good. Just as the picture suggest - it's about getting rid of those negative thoughts and reaffirming how far you've come and how far you've got to go in any aspect of your life. So I'm going to stop so much about general life failings and work on things.  

2. I'm tiiiiiiired of Internet dating. Tinder is fun until the men actually speak to you and it a vulgar line. Shhh, let me just look at your pretty pictures ok? 

3. Organisation is important - This month I managed to blog 7 times (well 8 if you include this) and that's due to me writing down ideas and organising time to take pictures and time to write. I know that isn't loads considering how many days there are in a month and how much other people blog. However I'm trying my hardest to focus on content and good pictures, rather than loads of posts and followers. I'm excited for what next month will bring (in terms of blogging). 

See I told you it was short! Have a lovely weekend (I know it's Thursday). 

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  1. Loving these learnings Sandra, and totally up my street! I'm such a worrier too, always berating myself for not doing more with my time but a girl's gotta relax some time right! But you're always more productive when just doing something/anything rather than worrying or analysing it so I try to do a little bit as it's better than nothing! And keep that thinking of driving down a road and not veering off. When I obsess over a worry, I try to put my car back on the road! My current worry is actually some Tinder guy who I had a few great dates with and has now gone cold!! So time consuming to browse, decide if someone isn't crazy, actually date and then go back to square one when they suddenly disappear! I didn't even like him that much, just frustrating right! Looking forward to your posts this month as always x x

    1. Ahh can't believe you commented, I still fangirl haha! I'm glad you liked this, I think it's a nice way to get me actually look back at things with a different perspective! And ughhh Tinder, I swear they pick the strangest men EVER. I had something similar to yours and I was like 'what even happened here?' #internetdatingprobz xxx


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