OOTD & Honest Burgers

27 July 2014

So turns out my plans to take a decent amount of pictures yesterday was a complete lie. However I have some to show you an outfit I wore and what I got up to. 

Dress - H&M - £12.99
Necklace - Select - £1.50

I popped into Camden yesterday only intending to go to Boots but somehow ended up in H&M and Select. The dress is perfect for this weather - easy to pair with anything and lightweight! So put those on and went out to eat at Honest Burgers. I'm a complete burger fiend and have been wanting to try this place for ages. It was such a lovely day yesterday so we sat outside and chowed down. 

I really liked Honest Burgers. Considering the last burger place I went to (Five Guys I'm looking at you) was lacking flavour, I too excited about this burger. But it was frikkin good. I went for a red Leicester cheese burger. My date had the tribute burger and I am told it was amazing (and much better than Five Guys and he loves it there). There was also the chipotle mayo which was very good! I wish I was a better blogger and had taken half way burger shots (you know what I'm talking about) but it was way too good to stop. 

Today I'm off to Southbank - hopefully the weather stays good. Enjoy your Sunday!

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