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24 July 2014

I've always like drinking water. I've just never ever taken to drinking enough of it. Since making the decision to become healthier, consuming the right amount of water has become really important to me. Thing is, I just cannot drink 2litres of water a day - water becomes bland after a while. I've never been into fizzy drinks, rarely buy them and really only ever seem to have it at Nando's because of the free refills. I've always been fond of juice but after realising it has a lot of sugars I cut back.

Then green tea entered my life. The first time I tried green tea it tasted like what mud smells like (I think that was just due to the brand). This was about two years ago and after trying various green teas and putting sugar in them to get used to the taste (I know), I have finally settled on a tea I like (with no sugar) and therefore increased my water intake.

Measuring how much water I drink has always been an issue because I am forgetful. And in comes this app.

Home screen

Choosing your cup size

 My first 500ml of the day timestamped. 

Has looking at a chart ever been so exciting?! This is my actual water chart

 I haven't been so good in the past two days! 

I got this recommendation from Michelle at Daisybutter from her Five Fitness Health and Lifestyle Apps post. If you're anything like me you will enjoy ticking things off. The app is simple you input how much you weigh and it tells you how much water you should be drinking. This means I've had 515ml added to my water intake. It will give you different cup sizes so that you can always measure how much you're drinking, so you'll never have to be confused adding things up again! It also gives you a daily summary and overall summary of how close you are to your targets. You can also set it up so it gives you reminders to drink water.

I've had this app for over two weeks and just love it, because it has made me drink more water and as a result that sluggish feeling that I have had for years and years and just gone away! Seriously I was having terrible headaches for the better half of the morning for years and I always knew I was dehydrated, but having the app to hand prompts me to drink water and as a result no more headaches or sluggishness!

On most days I hit my water target and this is through drinking water and green tea. Often it's 1.5litres of water and the rest green tea. Two months ago I purchased those plastic ups with a straw which has made drinking water so much easier. I figured it would work because when I'm out drinking (alcohol) I inhale it though a straw. And I was right - straw cup means water is easier for me to drink.

I'm always on the lookout for more lifestlye apps so please let me know if you have any interesting ones!

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