The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil Review

9 July 2014

This is my first time ever using a cleansing oil to remove make up. I've wanted the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil for a while, but it just wasn't in my budget. So when I heard Amelia from Amelia Liana talk about how much she loved the TBS Cleansing oil (she used the NUDE one before) I knew I had to get it. I was lucky enough to order when TBS where doing 40% off so I got this and a bunch of others for a ridiculous price.  

I don't use this every day simply because I don't wear a base product everyday. But man do I love this on the days I do use a base - it's so easy to get everything off! 

I’m not sure how all cleansing oils work but with this one you apply it directly to your face (I use two pumps) and it melts into your make up, you apply water and everything is gone gone gone. I personally love the feeling of smoothing it over my face - I take off my eye make up separately - but I still rub it everywhere. 

The thing with this is once I’ve washed it off I go into my night time routine immediately, so it never just sits on my skin after washing. That said I don’t feel that this strips my skin at all, which for me is so important. Neither has this broken me out. It contains camomile which is well known for its soothing effect, but you sometimes never know how your skin will react to thing, but with my thankfully no reaction. I’m sometimes conscious of overloading my skin with oil products, simply because of my oily t-zone but since I go straight into cleansing my face after this I don’t worry that this product will do that. Plus it doesn’t leave an oily film on your skin so that’s a huge bonus. 

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective make up oil, I would say this is your best bet!

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  1. I want to try this but I'm still on the fence. Do you still use it now and like it? I'm not against double washings so that won't be a problem for me. I'm just looking for something to remove my foundation so when I wash my face it actually feels like it's cleaning my skin!

  2. Hey hun, I still use and love it. It really is my go to for removing make-up! I think it does clean the skin well, I'm just really aware that my skin is terrible so I go in with another cleanser after. But I'd totally say to give this a try xxx


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